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PAUL JORGENSON about  FeelFree Lure 10:
Jan 15, 2016
I never have seen a Better set up for a Fishing kayak ! The LURE 10 is the best rigged , compact , and most comfortable kayak I have ever been on !

Advantages: comfortable seat , gear set up in right areas , well thought of !

Disadvantages: a little heavy in weight , but the built in rear wheel was GREATLY engineered .. don't like the 4 molded weep holes with rubber plugs .
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Joe Gaspar about  2018 Jackson Kilroy:
Feb 27, 2017
I bought a 2016 kilroy this past christmas and finally got a chance to try it out. If you guys are looking to have a fishing machine kayak wise, do yourself a favor and get a kilroy. I am in no way affiliated w/ jackson, just a pumped up customer. I fish both fresh & saltwater. Haven't tried it in salt, but tried it in fresh this past Sunday. (finally a nice day here in New England) Standing on it took very little effort to get use to. I was able to fly fish w/ no problems. My only little gripe was that i forgot my stripping basket and even though I really didn't need it and was able to fish, it just felt like i was missing it. I brought my spinning rod as well and definitely had no issues. Tons of room to set it up the way you need to. Going kayak camping this summer (2017), and I know it will surpass my expectations. I modified one thing and that was the "glove box". I took a tupper ware base and filed it down to slide in & out. my hand wouldn't fit inside the glove box. If you do get one, you will not be disappointed.

Advantages: standing to fly fish, storage, paddles easily, also, alot of people say not to bring a sit in kayak out in saltwater, this thing is probably more stable than some of the sit on tops. plus i'm not going out when it's three foot chop either. just use some common sense. and w/ all sit in's, get a pump.

Disadvantages: probably the weight. it states that it weighs in @ 72 lbs. w/ the seat. though it's do-able. i can't see portaging long distances w/o some kind of dolly setup. taking it of my truck and walking 40-60 yrds is okay. maybe even longer due to grabbing the lip and your shoulder is inside the kayak. w/ a sit on top, it's like carrying a large heavy suitcase.
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Megan K Keith about  FeelFree Lure 10:
Apr 15, 2016
Great kayak whether you're fishing or just floating around. Most comfortable and easy kayak to have.

Advantages: Comfortable seat.... I was 8 months pregnant and felt very comfortable sitting in the kayak. Adjusted the foot pedals for both me (5') to my boyfriend (6'5")

Disadvantages: None
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Landis Carrier about  2018 Cuda LT:
Jul 1, 2016
I bought the Cuda LT last November and I couldn't be happier with it and the service I received from WCO! I was nervous buying a kayak on-line but it showed up wrapped in cardboard and then wrapped in a heavy cloth. It was perfect! WCO know's what they are doing!!

Advantages: The Cuda LT is LIGHT! It's fast! Plenty of storage, very stable (I can stand and fish) tracks great has everything you need for fishing already installed. I've used it in many different lakes and on the Delaware River without any problems. It was so much faster than my old yak on the river! Paddled up-stream no problem!

Disadvantages: The only disadvantage I can possibly think of is due to it being almost 13ft long it doesn't exactly turn on a dime!
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Aidan Darlington about  BB Angler Ace - Snap Ferrule:
Mar 24, 2017
I bought this paddle last year at the boat show and I'm really glad I did. As a river fishermen my paddles usually don't last too long. Pushing off logs, rocks, and even scraping along the gravel bottom really tests a paddles durability. Not only did the Ace survive a season of this I expect it to last me many more.

Advantages: Durable
Light Weight
Great value
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Joe Gentry about  2018 Jackson Big Rig:
Apr 30, 2017
The big rig is the most stable Kayak I've been in! Paddles and tracks well for a bigger kayak. Lots of features and customization options.

Advantages: Very stable
Paddles well
Tons of room
Rod troughs on sides

Disadvantages: I catch too many giant bass out of it!
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