WCO Guide Service - Sugar Creek

5 Sections of the most beautiful water in Indiana!

Wildcat Creek Outfitters established its guide service in 1996. We guide the waters on Central Indiana where Smallmouth Bass are king! Sugar Creek the Tippecanoe River and the White River are part of the Wabash River System. The Wabash River is the longest free flowing eiver east of the Rockies and is 463 miles long in Indiana. The Wabash drains 2/3rds of the state of Indiana and has a vast majory of the 35,000 miles of rivers and streams that Indiana boats within it's system.

Indiana is one of the most underrated fly fishing states in the country and the diversty is tough to beat. Let's take a look at the river WCO guides.

Sugar Creek is the gem of the Wabash River system. If there was a river meant for fly fishing it is Sugar Creek. Big enough to float most of the season with a drift boat and small enough to wade the almost 90 miles of Smallmouth water. Smallmouth are by far the most predominate species and it isnot unusual to land 50 to 70 fish in a day and 20 inch Smallmouth are not uncommon. Indiana has been very pro-active in protecting this resource and in 2007 adopted a 20 inch size limt and a 1 fish per day bag limit. Sugar Creek alsmot immediately responded to the new stricter rules and now produced fish as big as 5 pounds and we have even topped 6 pounds. Most fish are in the 14 to 15 inch range.

It is a 12 month of the year fishery but we guide it from first of April to the end of October. The ways to fish Smalmouth on Sugar Creek makes it one of the best fly fishing experiences possible. Sugar is very clear and becasue of this lends itself to very good surface fishing most of the year. Spring and summer offers terrific opper fishing and when the water gets low later July-Octber the terrestrial fishing is OUTSTANDING!!! You can even sight fish to large Smalmouth in low water. There is nothing better than watching a large Smallmouth ease up to a hopper or beetle and slurp it in slowly.

To book a spot or to get more info give our head guide a shout at mike@mwoutfitters.com

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