Seychelles - Alphonse Island

Alphonse Island - Seychelles

Alphonse Island is one of the premier saltwater fly fishing destinations on earth. It is very difficult to match the all around nature and fishing experience at Alphonse. WCO loves our satwater fishing and we have lots of it close to us in the Bahamas, Mexico and Belize. We can be in Grand Bahamas in a few hours the Seychelles is a little farther away, but worth every minute of travel to get there. This is not a trip for someone who is not physically fit, not marathon fit just in good enough shape to walk in the heat. The fihsing is close by insude the Alphonse Atoll but there is some work involved in walking to some of the shallow water parts of the Atoll. It is hot and making sure you are fit enough to endure a week in the heat is very important.

The Island is located in the Seychelles and is one of the most beautiful saltwater locations in the world. It is a place of great biological diversity and beauty. Crystal clear water filled with numerous game-fish species. There is everything from Bonefish to GT's that work on and around the flats. There may not be a more diverse population of game-fish in one small area anywhere in the world.


The Fishing

The fishing is spectacular with so many stupid Bonefish that you may actually get a little bored with them. Not a bad problem to have huh? The other critter most folks come to the Seychelles hoping to fish for is Giant Trevally. The Atoll has a good population of Giant Travelly but not in the same numbers as you would find on Cosmoledo, Astove, Farquar or Providence. What you do get is a tremendous number of species that can be caught on a fly rod. There are certainly Giant Trevalley but you can also catch Bluefin Trevalley and Golden Eye Trevalley. The Bonefishing is superb and mostly found on hard white sand. Some of the flats are like walking on a basketball court. There are also some large schools of Bonefish found on the outer flats in pockets around coral. There are few places where Bonefish can't be found.

The other interesting species you can take time with are Indo-Permit and Milkfish. The Indo-Permit are a lot like there Atlantic relative and can be just a fininky but if you put in the time you can catch them. They are actually a little prettier than the Altantic Permit with more yellow. The Milkfish are tough and a commitment to both finding them and fishing to them is needed if you really want to catch one. You will see them on the flats moving in and out with the tide but they are almost impossible in shallow water. Once the tide goes out, and it is a big tide, they regroup and school up, this is the best time to fish for them. Small moss flies and a steady strip is important. When hooked they jump and run like a Tarpon.

What was really interesting was the variety of reef fish and small inshore fish that could be caught. Snappers, Grouper, Tuna and even Sailfish can be caught from the skiffs used for your fishing. Your day of fishing starts with a rid out on the tender to the TamTam, a boat used for transport around the Atoll. Then the flats boats are depoyed and you get the opportunity, with your guide, to explore the vastness of the Alphonse Atoll.


The Lodge

While we are proud of our lodges in Chile nothing holds a candle to the facilities at Alphonse. Between the Villa's and the other out buidlings the facility at Alphonse is absoutely 5 star! It is laid out beautifully and has all the aminaties of home and then some. You will have a bike to ride from the Villa's to the dinning area and to the launch area where you will leave to fish each day. Of course you have free reign to visit anywhere on the island, there are Galapagos Turtles on the island as well as some other wildlife worth seeing. You will not be more comfortable anywhere on any fishing trip. Each angler or couple gets a Villa to themselves as part of the package.

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