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The Scott Tidal fills a very important new price level for saltwater fly rods. Previous to the Scott Tidal anglers where forced to use larger freshwater rods to do the job of a saltwater rod, that is if you just didn't want to spend $800.00 on a saltwater rod. That is no longer the case, WCO is very excited about this rod and what it means for a lot of really good anglers who just can't pull the trigger on an $800.00 rod. Need and affordability just got a little bit better.


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Scott Tidal Fly Rod

The Scott Tidal represents Scott's philosophy in rod building. Build a rod for the exact purpose it is intended for. Build a fly rod that at any price an angler would use and fish with A LOT! Scott makes fly rods WCO staff love to beat up, the Tidal will be no different. We haveygone through the Tidal's with a fine tooth comb and we certainly have our favorites. Overall we really like the added strength the butt of the rod has, an obvious difference between say a A4 in the equivelant sizes. The 908/4 and 909/4 creates more than adequate line speed, a flats angler will appreciate its casting traits. Again though what we really like about this rod is it's fish fighting ability. You can really put the screws to a fish with these rods and that is the most underrated trait in choosing a fly rod for flats fishing.

One of the most popular streamer rods of all time is the Scott S4S in 9'0" for a 6 weight believe it or not. It handles sinking lines like a champ. The 906/4 is a match to that rod and will certainly be in the boats of our Smallmouth guides come srping. The 6 and 7 weight have really good cross over attributes and if you need a rod to do a couple of things these rods would be good choices. The larger rods in 10 through 12 weight are solid casting rods and fit again into that fish fighter category that is popular with the staff at WCO. Casting is only one attribute to a rod action the other is how it fights fish.

There are going to be comparisons between the Tidal and the Sage Motive. While we like the Motive to be frank the Tidal wins the comparison hands down. The winner in this price catagory is clearly the Tidal up and down the line.

WCO Recommended Fly Lines

WCO has a particular philosophy about choosing fly rods for particular purposes and within that philosophy the fly line is an upmost consideration. To be blunt we have had fly ros in the past we had a hard time matching lines to, for the most part though we are able to crack the code to our own satisfaction. We have gone through our process with the Tidal and have come to the conclusion that like most satlwater oriented rods we have a couple of lines we like. The 908/4 is the first one most folks wonder about and to be clear we have favorite saltwater lines on certain rods. the surpirse winner for the 908/4 and 909/4 was the Scientifc Anglers new Grand Slam line in both with Wavelength and Mastery tech . The Tidal and the Grand Slam line is an almost perfect match. The 10 weight we really like the Rio Permit line and the 11 and 12 are more suited to the S/A Tarpon tapers.

We of course mentioned the freashwater applications and here is what we have discovered. The 906/4 and 907/4 really like the S/A Titan taper and Rio Outbound Short. Both of these lines are just right for these rods and we are excited about fishing these rods with 200 and 250 grain shooting heads on bigger rivers for Smallmouth as well.

Model Line Length Grip Price
4 piece rods
T906/4 6 9' 0"   $475
T907/4 7 9' 0"   $475
T908/4 8 9' 0"   $475
Model Line Length Grip Price
4 piece rods
T909/4 9 9' 0"   $475
T9010/4 10 9' 0"   $475
Model Line Length Grip Price
4 piece rods
T9010/4MP 10 9' 0"   $475
T9012/4 12 9' 0"   $475

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