Scott Radian

Scott has always built really good fly rods. The Scott Radian separated Scott from most everyone else in the fast action rod category. The Radian is the culmination of years of refining how fly rods are built and it is obvious in the slim blank profiles and smooth casting action of the Radian that Scott built an unusually transcendent fly rod. I know that sounds like hyperbole but it is true this is the smoothest casting fast action rod that has ever made and WCO stands by that comment.


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Scott Radian Fly Rod

The WCO philospohy behind rods are that there are no bad rods only rods that are improperly appiled to particular fishing techniques and conditions. We also look for rods that do more than one things well. It is rare for a fast action rod to fit across several techiniques. Not all rods fit all things, no matter what the guy behind the counter tells you. The Scott Radian is our pick for the best all around freshwater fly rod on the market. The Radian creates high line speeds with the least amount of effort of any fast action rod we have ever used. It also conicidently is a great fishing rod as well. Chad Miller WCO President has a special affinity for these rods especially the 9'0" for a 5 weight and a 6 weight. These are rods that get a serious workout at our lodges in Chile and the 5 weight is particularly good on our spring creek Del Zorro spring creek, its nice to have one of thebest spring creek in the world at your disposal. The 5 and 6 weights are simply sublime and are a pleasure to cast but also have the ability to hangle wind and aren't so stiff they don't handle tippets down to 4x, the smaller 3 and 4 weight rods do handle light tippets well though.

We also like the Scott does not confuse the issue as to whether the Radian is applicable to saltwater. It's not and they don't pretend it is as they have built a couple of good larger line weight rods for bigger freshwater fish and application. The 2 longer 8 weight rods are terrific Great Lakes Steelhead rods.

(A) grip

(B) grip



Model Line Length Grip Price
4 piece rods
R753/4 3 7' 6 a $795
R854/4 4 8' 6" a $795
R904/4 4 9' 0" a $795
R1004/4 4 10' 0" a $795
R855/4 5 8' 6" a $795
R905/4 5 9' 0" a $795
905/4W 5 9' 0"   $795
Model Line Length Grip Price
4 piece rods
R955/4 5 9' 6" a $795
R1005/4 5 10' 0" a $795
R906/4 6 9' 0" a $795
R906/4FB 6 9' 0" b $795
R956/4 6 9' 6" b $795
R1006/4 6 10' 0" b $795
R907/4 7 9' 0" b $795
Model Line Length Grip Price
4 piece rods
R957/4 7 9' 6" b $795
R1007/4 7 10' 0" b $795
R908/4 8 9' 0" b $795
R908/4W 8 9' 0"   $795
R958/4 8 9' 6" b $795
R1008/4 8 10' 0" b $795

If you have any questions about Scott products call WCO at 317-733-3014

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