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Scott has possibly created the greatest Saltwater in the history of rod making; our good friend Kirk Deeter editor for Field and Stream makes that very claim. After running them through the paces in both Mexico and the Bahamas that claim is completely legitimate. WCO has really put these rods to the test and we have some favorites for sure. Check more out below.


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Scott Meridian Saltwater Fly Rod

WCO has taken the Meridian to some of our favorite spots already. We put the 890-4 and the 990-4 through the paces for baby Tarpon in the Yucatan with our buddy Marco Ruz at Yucatan Fly Fishing. They both passed the test with flying colors. The shorter 8'4" for 8 and 10 weight lines have proven to be good Snook and Redfish rods. That shorter length really makes a difference in fighting fish close in near structure and around mangroves. 

The 890-4 is a classic Bonefish rod. In fact it is a flat out rocket launcher! With that being said it is also very responsive to the angler and you never feel as if the rod is over powering, it is very easy to cast. When we talk about high line speeds it is important to remember fast rods typically create more line speed and consequently longer casting distance. The issue with many saltwater rods is that they are so stiff they can be difficult to cast and not terrible accurate. The Meridian is the easiest casting saltwater rod we have ever used; in the 8 and 10 weight models especially.

WCO recommends the Scott Meridian for not only flats fishing but it has freshwater applications as well. We are getting ready for an Amazon trip and most everyone has geared up with the 8'4" for a 10 weight. We already know it fights Snook in close, it will be a terrific Peacock in our thinking.

The Meridian is also the most comprehensive rod built in terms of lengths and models. There is a rod for most everything.

WCO Recommended Fly Lines

At WCO we are no different than many of you, we are gear junkies. We love rods but what we really like to do with rods is find the perfect fly line for that rod, it is as much art as it is science. The reason a great many people struggle in casting is that someone has sold them a fly line that is wrong for a particular rod. WCO put in more work with the Meridian than any other rod we have ever stocked. We have spent hours casting about every line we could get our hands on with about every rod Scott makes in the Meridian. Here is what we found out.

The Meridian 890/4 is really the bell cow of this rod line in WCO's opinion. The 1090/4 is also a tremendous rod but the 890/4 is our over all favorite so we started with it. The 890-4 has two lines that work very well. The S/A Grand Slam and the RIO Bonefish are equally effective on this rod. S/A has not always been our favorite line company where salt is concerned but man that Grand Slam is a terrific fly line, you can't go wrong with either one. The 990/4 is a pick as our favorite baby Tarpon rod. It surprised us what line really stole the show with the 990/4, it was again the S/A Grand slam. What is common throughout our history with Scott is the recognition that they build terrific fish fighting saltwater rods going back all the way to the STS and HP series of rods. The Meridian has inherited this fish fighting ability from its predecessors with an enhanced casting trait. You know our good friend Kirk Deeter may be right, the Scott Meridian might just be the finest line of saltwater rods ever made.


Model Line Length Grip Price
2 piece rods
MS8109 9 8' 10"   $865
MS81010 10 8' 10"   $865
MS81011 11 8' 10"   $865
MS81012 12 8' 10"   $865
MS8108 8 8' 10"   $865
Model Line Length Grip Price
3 piece rods, 4 piece rods
MS9011/4 11 9' 0"   $865
MS9012/4 12 9' 0"   $865
MS8415/3 BW 15 8' 4"   $865
MS906/4 6 9' 0"   $865
MS907/4 7 9' 0"   $865
Model Line Length Grip Price
4 piece rods
MS848/4 8 8' 4"   $865
MS908/4 8 9' 0"   $865
MS909/4 9 9' 0"   $865
MS8410/4 10 8' 4"   $865
MS9010/4 10 9' 0"   $865

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