Scott G2 Fly Rod

The G2 is one of the finest trout rods ever built. With rod companies making faster and faster rods the medium action rod category has needed some refocusing. Scott has always been focused on it and the G2 is still one of the most important trout rods on the market today.


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Scott G2 Fly Rods

Scott has been building some form the G series for a very very long time. Scott fly rods heritage is trout and they understand very well how a trout rod should fish. WCO has been a Scott dealer for nearly 20 years and over that time we have consistently gone to the G series as a primary trout rod. We have fished the G2 from the Great Lakes to the American West to Chile. In ever situation that a moderate trout action rod is needed the G2 preforms flawlessly. The 5 and 6 weight rods are fine big river dry fly rods. The 3 and 4 weights in various lengths are OUTSTANDING spring creek rods. At our lodge Estancia Del Zorro we primarily have spring creeks. The G2 is a superb choice for that water, it fishes and fights fish well.

WCO Recommended Fly Lines

Our favorite fly lines for most moderate trout rods runs consistent from rod to rod. We believe the 3 and 4 weight G2 are the quintessential trout rods of the line and with that in mind the rod fishes best with what we favor as the quintessential trout lines, the Rio Trout LT fly line and the Scientific Anglers Trout Taper. They are excellent on the smaller and shorter rods. The trout tapers are more specific to dry fly fishing but they work fine in a small fly dropper technique.

The bigger 5 and 6 weight rods are more all around type rods and we still like the S/A trout taper on the 5 weight overall we like a more all around taper for the 5 and 6 weight and prefer the Rio Gold on the 5 and 6 weight rods.

a grip

b grip


Model Line Length Grip Price
4 piece rods
G2 772/4 2 7' 7" a $745
G2 842/4 2 8' 4" b $745
G2 773/4 3 7' 7" a $745
G2 843/4 3 8' 4" b $745
G2 883/4 3 8' 8" b $745
Model Line Length Grip Price
4 piece rods
G2 774/4 4 7' 7" b $745
G2 844/4 4 8' 4" b $745
G2 884/4 4 8' 8" b $745
G2 904/4 4 9' 0" b $745
Model Line Length Grip Price
4 piece rods
G2 845/4 5 8' 4" b $745
G2 885/4 5 8' 8" b $745
G2 905/4 5 9' 0" b $745
G2 906/4 6 9' 0" b $745

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