Saltwater Hard Mono

Saltwater Hard Mono

This is the most utilized tippet material we use for shallow water flats fishing. We use Rio Saltwater Hard Mono for butt sections and to build bimini knotted leaaders.

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RIO Saltwater Hard Mono

WCO staff like to build some of our own leaders. If you loose a Tarpon and the know fails we would rather it be becasue of something we did not someone else. There are way to many things that can go wrong in Saltwater that can cost you a big fish, our staff prefers being able to control the most important aspect in fish fighting. If you fish in saltwater long enough you will gravitate to building leaders. We believe that the hard mono from Rio does an exceptional job of abrasion resistance and it is a material that holds knots well, we trust it from the Sychelles to the Bahamas. A wide selection can be found in our bags and of course in our store.

WCO carries all sizes - 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 16lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb

If you have any questions about Rio Products call 317-733-3014

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