Sage Pike and Musky

While WCO loves to travel we also love our backyard water as well and the one thing we have is plenty of Musky water close by. Musky and Pike have a growing legion of fans and WCO sees them in our brick and mortar store weekly. With the popularity of Musky and Pike it was essential for rod companies to develop good tackle for these fish. So often anglers are stuck trying to make rods not designed specifically for a fish, try and make a rod work for that species. That is no longer the case!


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Sage Pike & Musky Fly Rod

The Staff at WCO own this rod and have used it regularly both in the back yard and in other places close to us in the Great Lakes region. The important thing to remember is that a rod has to do a couple of things well where Pike and Musky are concerned. The Sage Pike and Musky Rod has the needed strength to carry very large flies through the air. It also has plenty in the butt to make hand to hand combat with a large fish a pleasure. The other important attribute is the Sage Pike and Musky rods ability to get the fly down in the water on the figure 8.Pike and Musky aren't scared of much and they are notorious for coming to the boat and not going away. The angler needs a rod they can stick in the water and sweep the fly in a figure 8 or in an oval, it is always surprising that a Musky will still eat the fly when this happens. Thankfully they do and it is truly one of the most exciting things that happens in fly fishing. The other important thing to remember is that the rod is built to work with a specific fly line, the Sage Pike and Musky line.

WCO Recommended Fly Line

The Sage Pike & Musky Rod comes with the RIO Pike/Musky WF F/I line. This line works tremendously well and we have actually used it on other rods as well. It is excellent on the SALT 990-4. One way or the other this is the only line you really need for this rod.

Pike and Musky Specifications

Model Handle Length Line Tube Size Weight Price
Pike A 9'0" 10 30 4 1/4 $695.00
Musky A 9'0" 11 30 4 1/2 $695.00





If you have questions about Sage products call WCO 317-733-3014

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