The Sage Motive fills a very unique price point in a very niche part of the fly rod world. The Sage Motive uniquely fills the need for a mid-priced saltwater specific fly rod. Most saltwater dedicated fly rods are usually all in the high end catagory as far as price is concerned. Most angler who did not want to spend $800.00 were forced to make freshwater rods work when they really needed a saltwater rod with lots of butt for fighting fish. The Sage Motive gives the angler everything they need for flats conditions and that extra needed umpff to punch flies through the wind.


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The Sage Motive Fly Rod

The Sage Motive has been a terrific addition to the Sage rod lineup. There was a real need for a mid priced saltwater specific fly rod. Not every saltwater angler has the money to plunk down $800.00 for a rod they will use very little or they just can't make the stretch to the $800.00. Some of our very best anglers who go with us to the salt have this rod and love it. The 890-4 is a solid Bonefish rod and any flats angler would enjoy fishing it. The 990-4 is a solid baby Tarpon rod in the Yucatan and the 10 through 12 weights are workhorse type rods for everything from small Tuna and Mahi to larger Tarpon.

Now lets be clear this is not a SALT! the SALT is maybe the best saltwater rod ever created and it has few equals. The thing to understand though is 10 years ago the MOTIVE would have been it man! It would have been the premier Saltwater rod from Sage. We really like this rod and think you will as well.

There is one other thing, the 6 and 7 weight are proving to be pretty good streamer rods with shooting heads and sink-tips. If you need a rod to do a couple of things the Motive would be a good choice.

WCO Recommended Fly Lines

For flats fishing the Sage Motive is really treated well with a Rio Bonefish line in the appropriate line weight. The Rio Bonefish is the finest Bonefish line anyone has ever made and we really like how it matches with the MOTIVE. The aforementioned use for streamer fishing is important as well. the 200 grain and 250 grain lines on the 6 and 7 for streamer fishing are terrific.

Model Handle Length Line Tube Size Weight (oz.) Price
690-5 A 9'0" 6 30 3 3/4 $450.00
790-4 A 9'0" 7 30 3 7/8 $450.00
890-4 A 9'0" 8 30 4 $450.00
990-4 A 9'0" 9 30 4 7/16 $450.00
1090-4 A 9'0" 10 30 4 7/8 $450.00
1190-4 B 9'0" 11 30 5 1/4 $450.00
1290-4 B 9'0" 12 30 5 5/16 $450.00

If you have any questions about Sage products give WCO a call 317-733-3014

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