Sage MOD

Sage MOD

The Sage MOD fits into the philosophy that WCO subscribes to. We believe that there is room in fly fishing for all actions that fly rods are built with. We know through exeperience that a more moderate action rod allows the angler to measure their cast and present the fly accurately. The faster the rod the less accurate it tends to be. Moderate rods are efficient and accurate in the presenting a fly to a fish that may be feeding on the surface.


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Our price: $850.00


Sage MOD Fly Rod

We are really excited about the Sage MOD fly rod and believe it will be extremely well received by our trout angling customers. We also are excited about using it on some of our favorite trout water where precision casting is critical. If you fish for trout and enjoy prusuing fish that require placing a fly in just the right place you will find the MOD a real joy to fish with. The Sage MOD is a super smooth rod that does not create as much line speed as say the Sage ONE. If you want to punch a hole into the wind this is not the rod but if you require less line speed that still sustains nice efficient loops the MOD is right up your alley.

WCO Recommended Fly Lines

When choosing a fly line it is important understand that rods need just the right line for just the right rod and condition. The Sage MOD is a very smooth rod that is built to present flies accurately. The MOD does not need a heavier grain weight it needs something that allows the angler to airealize fly line at different distances. The Trout LT from Rio is the perfect line for the 2-5 weight rods. We kind of prefer the Rio Gold for the 6 weight but you could also put a Bass Bug taper on this rod and use it for poppers for Smallmouth. One of our favorite popper rods of all time if the Sage SLT and the 6 weight is very similar to the 6 and 7 weights we used for poppers for Smallmouth.

MOD Specifications

Model Handle Length Line Tube Size Weight Price
290-4 A 9'0" 2 30 2 1/4 $850.00
390-4 A 9'0" 3 30 2 3/8 $850.00
490-4 A 9'0" 4 30 2 7/16 $850.00
590-4 A 9'0" 5 30 2 9/16 $850.00
690-4 A 9'0" 6 30 2 11/16 $850.00







If you have any questions about Sage products please call WCO at 317-733-3014

How does WCO Shipping work?

  • Upon ordering you will receive an order confirmation in your email.
  • After the item or items ship you will receive a tracking number within 24 hours.
  • If for any reason you are not happy with the item or items simply return it and WCO will give you a 100% refund, no restocking fee! A restocking fee only applies to kayaks.
  • If the product is damaged from shipping WCO will send a call tag and pay for the return shipping. We will also ship a new replacement at no extra charge.

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