Sage ESN

Sage ESN

Heavy fishing pressure pushes trout out of their soft glides into faster, choppy runs protected by rocks and structure. Europeans developed a style of direct line nymphing using multiple, weighted flies fished under tension on light tippets to systematically dissect these micro-environments, catching fish when no other method could. The new ESN Series with Konnetic Technology® makes for an extremely light rod, ideal for the repetitive casts this precision method requires. Its responsive, supple tip telegraphs every boulder, bump and bite, giving you ultimate control.


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Sage ESN Fly Rod

The Sage ESN has become a popular tailwter rod, which is what we mostly use it for and will also do well as a belly boat of kayak rod.; the 10 foot length helps when sitting close to the water. It is of course built for nymphing espcially Euro nymphing. It has become in vogue to fish multilple nymphs with indicators or by high sticking. If you are a nympher and use multi fly rigs this rod was built for your fishing. The Sage ESN is built with the newest Konnetic technology and with that the angler has a very light and resonsive rod that fishes in close really well. The whole idea is to fish tight lines so it is much easier to control the anglers drift and to detect strikes. As angling pressure gets higher and higher on trout waters across the states the ESN is going to get more and more popular.

WCO Recommended Fly Lines

There are a couple of lines that work with this style fo fishing. The traditional nymph taper is good on this rod because of the heavier weighted multi-fly rigs uses in Euro nymphing. We actually really like the Rio Grande on the ESN. It is of course a little heavier in grain weight so it handles nymph rigs well and it also allows for a quick load at short distances which is important with a heavy multi-fly rig.

ESN Specifications

Model Handle Length Line Tube Size Weight (oz.) Price
2100-4 A 10'0" 2 33 2 3/16 $850.00
3100-4 A 10'0" 3 33 2 7/8 $850.00
3110-4 B 11'0" 4 36 3 1/2 $850.00
4100-4 A 10'0" 5 33 2 15/16 $850.00
5100-4 A 10'0" 6 33 3 $850.00








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