Pursuit Stand Up Angler Kit

Pursuit Stand Up Angler Kit

The most popular kit WCO sells is the Stand Up Angler kit. The new Pursuit is our favorite new fishing kayak for 2016 and the Stand Up kit is a terrific way to start with Pursuit.

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NuCanoe Pursuit Stand Up Angler Kit

There simply is not another fishing kayak built as well or as thought out as well as the NuCanoe Pursuit. It is WCO's chose as best new fishing kayak for 2016. Why? There are several reason.

1. Clean fishing deck. So many fishing kayaks try and place everything close and in the middle of the kayak. It can be cumbersome trying to work around all the gadgetry placed so close to the angler. If you are a fly angler then you really hate things in the middle of the kayak, frustrating to have fly line wrap around things sticking up on the boat.

2. Stand Up Casting Bar. You can add this to any package and there is a Stand Up package for the Pursuit. One way or the other everyone should at some point consider a Casting Bar. It is easy to install during each use and you can actually lean into it when fishing. Why is this important? If you can't lean into it does you no good, that's the point. We have guided out of drift boats for almost 2 decades and are acutely aware of what happens when someone doesn't lean into the casting braces. They go out of the boat or fall down and break something, like a rod!

3. It is a faster boat than most of the larger kayaks. Big wide kayaks can be slow the Pursuit is not slow. The Pursuit keeps it's stability but remains a kayak you can utilize if you need to travel a considerable distance to make a move to better fishing.

4. Motors and Plug and Play capability. Almost everyone is looking for a fishing kayak they can at least have the option of a trolling motor if they want one. The Pursuit like the Frontier is built with that in mind and has a square stern. Now NuCanoe has a plug and play kit for any trolling motor, both for bow mount and stern mount. This is a smartly designed feature that no other kayak has or even comes close to! You can check out all of the electronic options and accessories at this link http://wcofishing.com/NuCanoe-Electronics-and-Rigging/

If you want to know more you can always call WCO at 317-733-3014 and we will walk you through your purchase.

Stand Up Angler

Package Includes:
Qty. Item No. Desc.
1 2500 Deck Pads
1 2550 Casting Bar
1 4131 Tough Claw RotoGrip
2 7325 LeverLoc Anchor Trolley
1 4043 Zooka Tube

For more info on NuCanoe products or to order by phone call 317-733-3014

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