Powerflex Wire Bite

Powerflex Wire Bite

Rio Bite Wire gives the angler the ability to add a wire bit section to a stiff section of mono or flouro and build a good bite leader for Musky and Pike and even some saltwater fish. We would highly recommend NOT using this material for Golden Dorado, we only use American Fishing Wire for those fish. They will chew through this bite wire. It is though perfectly good for Pike and Musky.

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RIO Powerflex Wire Bite

We build our own leaders for fish that require a bite leader. We have used this material for about everything requiring a wire leader. The fish though that we would not recommend using this bite wire for is Golden Dorado. Dorado have the strongest bite and the sharpest teeth of any fish we fish for. We only use American Fishing Wire for Golden Dorado. The RIO Powerflex Wire Bite Tippet is a tough, flexible nylon-coated wire that's perfect for those sharp toothed critters. This knotable wire is super supple, allowing you to tie directly to the fly. Available in a 15 foot interlocking spool with our patented elastic tippet restraint.

WCO carries all sizes - 20lb, 30lb, 40lb

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