Plug + Play Motor Kit  Transom Mount

Plug + Play Motor Kit Transom Mount

Most NuCanoe's if they get a motor attached is in the stern of the NuCanoe. This is the easiest and most common place to put a trolling motor, especially if two anglers are going to the be in the boat.

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Plug + Play Motor Kit  Transom Mount

Most NuCanoe Frontiers are purchased with the idea of adding a trolling motor to the boat. Most often it is added the to the rear of the NuCanoe. In this case most folks have a stern mount NuCanoe and they simply strap it on the back and go. The Plug and Play kit cleans up the process allot. It allows for a clean hookup and east take in and take out without worrying about all the wires. This kit allows the angler to place the battery towards the front of the NuCanoe balancing the rig. This is a clean and simple way of cleaning up the whole process of adding a trolling motor to the stern of a NuCanoe.

Transom Mount (Included)

The kit comes with a transom mount plate that helps give riggidity to the stern protecting the NuCanoe from wearing out the area where the motor clamps to the boat.


The Plug and Play Kit also includes a Helmate that gives the angler the opportunity to sit forward in the center of the NuCanoe and reach the motor controls. It is a slick setup.

Plug and Play Bow Mount Kit


*Transom Plate

*Battery Box

*Wire Harness


*Handles (2)

* Helmsmate

For more info on NuCanoe products or to order by phone call 317-733-3014

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