Hatch Finatic 12 Fly Reel


The beast of all beasts!!! WCO has put the Hatch 12 Plus Finatic to the test on Yellow Fin Tuna and other bluewater beasts and the Hatch beast has beaten the beasts of the deep over and over again. WCO is unlike the rest of the folks selling you Hatch reels WCO goes there and does it. We have spent a lot of time testing Hatch reels and that includes the biggest of them all the 12 Plus Finatic.


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Our price: $900.00


Hatch 12 Plus Finatic Fly Reel

WCO spends a lot of time making sure we understand the equipment we sell. You will see lots of video made of reviews that tout some knowledge of how these reels work. If you don't actually go out and do it WCO isn't sure those folks are qualified to talk about the product they are selling. This is NOT what we do at WCO; we have tested the equipment we use in the toughest conditions there is to test them.

The reason we mention this is that the toughest test of any fly reel is big open bluewater. The fish are fast, powerful and have incredible stamina. With that being said we understand acutely how important it is to fight fish as quickly as your tackle will allow. Most reels can't be cranked down far enough to then allow for them to take drag efficiently. Sure there are reels you can crank way down but they essentially stop working. The larger 11 and 12 plus Finatic''s don't have that problem. When fighting Tuna or other large pelagic fish the angler can not let the fish go and go without putting the hurt to that fish. Allowing them to sound is a HUGE mistake but most tackle can not in anyway make it difficult for bluewater species to do this. The angler MUST have a reel that slows and wears out a fish at the tightest drag setting. For WCO this reel is the Hatch 12 Plus Finatic and we trust NOTHING else!

Body: Finatic

Protection: Type 2 Anodize

Line Weights: 12-16

Diameter: 5.000"

Width: 1.6875"

Weight: 15.6oz

Colors: Clear/Blue, Clear/Green, Clear/Red, Clear/Black, Black/Silver

WCO Custom Colors: Blue/Black, Red/Black, Green/Black, Black/Black

Backing Capacity: Hatch Premium/LA Spool: WF12F-450, Hatch Premium/MA Spool: WF12F-1000

Spools: Large Arbor, Mid Arbor

Species: Billfish, GT, Tarpon, Tuna


If you have any questions about Hatch products call WCO at 317-733-3014

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