Grab Your Fly Charters

Grab Your Fly Charters

Austin Adduci is one of the premier guides in the Great Lakes region for a multitude of species. He has help pioneer a Lake Michigan fishery that for the most part is ignored by fly anglers, they fish the tribs but not the lake. He has also been a long time guide on one of the better Smallmouth Rivers in the Midwest the Kankakee River in Illinois. Austin lives and works out of the Chigcaoland region of Illinois and Indiana and before you turn your nose up read on. Austin fishes some really cool places with cutting edge techniques meant to put people on some of the biggest fish they will catch in a lifetime. Austin also spends several weeks a year guiding people on Beaver Island for GIANT Carp. Hang tight we are going to introduce you to a little secret, Austin Adduci and his varied fisheries.

The Fishing

Austin is one of those unusual guides who fishes and guides in both coldwater and warmwater with equal ability. Austin spends the summers split between the Kankakee River and Beaver Island in nothern Lake Michigan.


The Kankakee River

This is a really fun place to fish for Smallmouth. The "Kank" is a big river that meanders through northern Illinois. It is wide and shallow and full or rocks. It is of course as you might guess full of crawdads as well. The river produces a nice average fish and also produces the occasional jumbo Smallmouth. It is unique also in that is fishes in almost any condition. Even in dirty water the fish seem to not care. The river runs clear most of the year but even after high water events it fishes well. The river fishes well early in April and May and continues on through September. Austin fishes streamers and poppers a vast majority of the time. We recommend getting on his schedule very early as he fills up every year. If you don't have a date on the water in early January for spring and summer you will not get a day.

Lake Michigan - Indiana

The Lake is a fascinating fishery that gets ignored by fly anglers. Lake Michigan offers a fantastic opportunity to catch a genuinly HUGE fish on the fly. Austin starts fishing the lake as early as Febriary an March if the weather holds out; and fishes in into May depending on how long the Browns, Coho and Steelhead stay close into shore. What draws these species to the south end of the lake is the warmwater dischrges that line southern Lake Michigan. Steel mills pull in cold water and release warmwater, this warmwater draws large fish into them the plum to feed on the sometimes massive numbers of baitfish that are also drawn to the plum of warmwater. The Coho can pile up in impressive numbers and are a pretty reliable fish there. The big Browns also show up and can be HUGE, like 20 pounds huge. They will eat the streamer and of course want to head to open water. Austin has also caught many Steelhead from the boat inshore as well. It is an unknown exciting opportunity to catch a genuinly large Salmon, Trout or Steelhead on the fly.

Austin is of course an accomplished Carp guide and guides for several weeks up on Beaver Island. He got his start catching Carp though on the southern end of Lake Michigan. Again the warmwater discharges attract huge numbers of fish and one of those fish are large Lake Carp that can exceed 30 pounds. These are active feeding Carp that can caught site fishing on the lake. The fishing in the Lake starts as early as Febriary and March for Carp. This is a really cool thing we have done here at WCO for many years. We highly recommend taking a day to do this. For the most part this is weather dependent so book a day for sure but the weather can cause issues. When it is right you will see hundreds of large Carp feeding. It is well worth the time to get with Austin and spend some time on the lake.

Lake Michigan - Beaver Island Michigan

The Beaver Island experience is the closts thing you will ever find to saltwater flats fishing. You are being poled down shallow super clear flats but instead of Boenfish and Permit you are targeting very large Carp and big Smallmouth. If you aren't going to the tropics then this is an opportunity to experience sight fishing for large flats fish. The season starts in June and runs through August. For more info get with Austin to book some time on the island.


For more info on this and the area Austin guides you can also go to his website.


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