Fly Rods

How to Choose a Fly Rod

One of the most confusing things in fly fishing is "How to Choose a Fly Rod". Some of the worst things have been told to anglers about choosing a fly rod. Things like selecting a fly rod that fits your casting style? What? Experienced anglers may enjoy casting a particular action but that action surely does not always apply to the fishing they will do. At WCO there are no boundaries for the staff. We have fished a significant amount of the fishing world. We have encountered numerous different and some times very difficult conditions. Knowing what rod and what line works for a particular condition or technique is crucial to getting the most out of your fishing. An angler should develop the ability to cast all actions and varied stiffness of fly rods and learn to apply those actions to their fishing.

When shopping fly rods at WCO there is going to be alot of info on each page for each rod model and it is there to help you make an informed decision about your rod purchase. We have gone through what many of you have gone through when choosing a rod. Let our real life experience help shape the way you understand how fly rods and flylines work together. There are few bad fly rods there is lots of bad advice!

Remember one thing...always apply rod actions to your fishing NOT your casting style.

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