Feelfree Camo Crate Bag

Feelfree Camo Crate Bag

One of the really cool things abour FeelFree is there ability to accessorize their kayaks. They carry over the camo theme into their Feelfree Camo Crate Bag. The FeelFree Crate Bag allows the angler te opportunity to prganize gear in something besides a boring crate. This adds a little class to the old crate gear collect all.

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Feelfree Camo Crate Bag

When kayak fishing, certain gear is essential but keeping that gear safely stored and secured is crucial. With Feelfree’s Crate Bag, you not only have access to plenty of enclosed storage space but also a place to keep a total of give fishing rods and a stern light secured and high above the waterline. Made of durable water resistant materials, the Crate Bag also features a removable waist pocket for wading, plier holders, map sleeve and a shoulder strap making it easy to carry around. Footprint: 14” x 12.5”.

If you have any questions about FeelFree products give WCO a call 317-733-3014

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