FeelFree Lure 13.5

New in 2015 the FeelFree Lure 13.5 is a super stable well thought out fishing kayak. It is one of the 3 or 4 best stand up fishing platforms on the market. You will have a tough time finding a better big fishing kayak to fish from.

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FeelFree Lure 13.5

FREE Shipping No Sales Tax -15% OFF Accessories

FeelFree Kayaks is taking kayak fishing to a new level in stability, comfort and versatility with the new 2014 Lure series. The 13.5 version is a longer, faster, extremely stable and capable of bigger water version of the Lure 11.5 and 10 designed for the kayak angler that wants it all.

The Lure 13.5 features a front multi-use console, which sits directly behind the bow hatch. The console lid features an inlaid cutting board, handy for prepping bait or cleaning fish. The lid is insulated making it an ideal container to keep your drinks, bait and even fish cool. Another key feature designed specifically for the Lure 13.5 is a removable sonar & electronic pod. The pod makes it easy to install of a fish finder and transducer without having to drill any holes into the kayak.
The kayak also comes with a variety of unique features seen on Lure series kayaks including a removable multi-level extra wide Patent Pending Gravity Seat, FeelFree’s patented wheel in the keel and Uni-Track system. The Gravity Seat offers a wide range of seat heights, which is adjusted with the simple function of a lever and is removable. What really sets the Gravity Seat apart is the ability to sit flush on the deck of the kayak when additional stability and a more efficient paddling position is needed for longer distances.

The Lure’s super-stable 36” wide hull paired with an extra large padded standing platform gives you the option to paddle or cast in either the sitting or standing position whether fishing inland waters or wide open oceans — this kayak fears no water. At 13.5’ this kayak is also ideal for paddling longer distances on larger bodies of water.


Model Specific Features
*Patent Pending Gravity Seat w/Pockets
*Removable Sonar Electric Pod
*Front Oval Hinge Hatch
*Front Console/Cooler w/Integrated Cutting Board
*Large Standing Platform
*Front Uni Track Rails
*Rear Molded-in Crate Recess w/Attached Points
*2 Fishing Rod Holders
*Stand Up Assist Leash
*Adjustable Foot Rests
*Transducer Recess and Port

Outfitting Suggestions - Build Your Package
Paddle - we highly recommend a 250cm for Feel Free Lure Kayaks. Our best selling paddle is the BB Angler Ace in the 250. The top end of the spectrum price wise would be the BB Angler Pro in the 250. The Angler Ace has the same carbon fiber shaft as the Angler Pro. We also really like the Fiberglass Feel Free paddle and at $99.00 is a real bargain.

PFD - Personal Floatation Device - It is pretty simple as far as we are concerned. The best fishing PFD on the planet is the NRS Chinook. With an open back it fits nicely into the Feel Free Gravity Seat. There are also a set of ergonomically designed pockets for your fishing stuff. This is by far our favorite PFD.

Uni Bar Deluxe - the Uni Bar Deluxe is the regular Uni Bar but with 3 Uni Tracks included in the package. The Uni Bar is one of the best most well thought out accessories on any boat we have ever seen. The Standard Uni Bar is just the bar without the uni track.

Anchor System -
Once you find your "honey hole", you won’t want to leave. That’s what makes a kayak anchor so important! Secure your kayak to your favorite spot by dropping a FeelFree Kayak Anchor overboard and spend more time fishing and less time trying to keep your kayak in one spot.

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