Dyna-King Barracuda Pedestal

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Dyna-King Barracuda Vice - Pedestal Base

The Barracuda is the first upgraded vice most of us at WCO purchased when we moved up into a nicer vice. Everything from Bass bugs to Bonefish flies have been tied on the Cuda over the years here in the store. There isn't a better made vice and the tooling is exceptional. It is a lifetime purchase because there is no way you wear this thing out. It is elegant and worthy of any tiers bench.

One really important thing to remember is that any Dyna-King vice is going to be built by the most exact tolerances and the finest tooling. When considering how a rotary vice should work tooling and tolerances matter. WCO also thinks the Dyna-King is about as good a value as can be had. Sure its expensive but when you compare what you get and just how nice this vice is its a value. It is truly a lifetime vice.

Jaws - Barracuda

Dyna-King offers two types of Jaws, Standard and Midge Jaws. All Dyna-King vises come with Standard Jaws installed, unless specified when ordering your vise. Standard Jaws have two grooves for hook placement as well as a serrated tip for holding smaller hooks. Large hooks should be held in the rear groove, medium hooks are best held in the groove closest to the Jaw tips. Smaller hooks should be held in the Jaw tips. Standard Jaws will accommodate hook sizes 24-8/0. Midge Jaws are serrated and without grooves. Midge jaws have a narrower tip and will hold hooks from 10 down to a size 32.

Handle Extension Option

Size Large is for all other rotary vises with ¼” diameter stick handles. Installation- Simply remove the black Delrin ball from the end of your stick handle; fit the 90 ° Handle Extension onto the end of your stick handle and tighten with the provided 3/32” hex wrench.

Hook Range: 8/0 - #22

Jaw tip to end: 8 ½”

Height: Jaw tip to desk – 7”

Weight w/pedestal: 7lbs

Weight w/Clamp: 3lbs

If you have any questions or would like to order by phone call WCO 317-733-3014

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