Copic Airbrush Large Kit ABS-1N

If you want to give your poppers that extra cool look, add color or patterns it is now easy with Copic.


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Copic Airbrush Large Kit ABS-1N  

The Copic Airbrush craze continues! As fly tying for warmwater species has become more popular it has also become increasingly more artistic. There are are guide flies and then there are flies you want to take a little extra time on. Does it matter if the fly has a pattern on it or is a particular shade of a color. Maybe. More importantly does it matter to you. Adding extra finishing touches to any fly ultimately makes you a better angler. Attention to detail is really the difference between so so anglers and really good anglers.

This is the recommended kit for beginners. The ABS-1N is a complete, cost-effective system without the use of a compressor. This allows for the use of the larger, more efficient air can 180. Pros: Most expensive unit without a compressor. Larger air cans last longer. Parts will adapt for compressor compatibility. Cons: An air can must still be thrown away. After going through a few of the large aircans, customers may begin thinking about investing in a compressor.

Includes: Air Grip, Air Adaptor, Air Hose 1/4" to 1/8", Air Can 180 and Air Can Holder.

Copic is pretty simple to use. You need one of the two systems, the large or the small as we call them. Then a few markers, maybe some pattern material or not, and a little time at the tying bench. It takes a little time to get the right amount you may want on the fly, but one way or the other it is uniquely your fly.

Special Shipping Note: All Copic Airbrush Kits are shipped ground.

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