Clutch Fluent Fly Rod

Smooth is the best way to describe the Clutch Fluent fly rod. While Clutch is known for making great fast action rods they dialed it back a little in making the Fluent series. Great choice if your fishing requires softer presentations but don't be fooled the Fluent still has lots of backbone for stiff winds and big fish.


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Clutch Fluent Fly Rod

Currently available in four line sizes, 4wt through 6wt. FLUENT rods feature a slim profile designed to reduce swing weight, and high-modulus blank construction that blends delicacy with power. The result is a rod capable of presenting dry flies like a whisper, as well as effortlessly delivering large streamers accurately at extreme distances.

The FLUENT series are four-piece rods that feature REC Recoil Snake Guides that greatly improve line control, a light weight natural finish, Anodized Aluminum Reel Seat hardware with ivory white acrylic spacer laser engraved with the CLUTCH logo, custom sewn color coordinated rod sock, and an attractive “tuxedo black” rod tube, and an industry competitive lifetime warranty.

WCO is really impressed that Clutch fought their overall tendency to build fast action rods and dialed back a little to build a very true trout rod. not all rods need to be blazing fast and create high line speeds. Remember high line speed rods aren't as accurate as moderately stuff rods. It doesn't much matter for the fishing you do with fast action rods but when presently dry flies to trout in Chile or Montana trust us it matters. The med fast action Fluent is apply named it is fluent and will without question become one of your favorite trout rods. the 5 and 6 are going to be favorites for us in low water fishing terrestrials for Smallmouth Bass on our local water.

Recommenced Fly Lines

The Fluent comes in rods for line weights 4 through 6. We actually like a little different line for the 4 than the 6 and the 5 could go either way. The 4 is a pure trout rod and the MPX Stealth S/A line is perfect on this rod. The MPX Stealth is also good on the 5 and will probably fit allot of those situations where a 5 will apply. We however like the Rio Gold on the 6 weight and again the Rio Gold is good on the 5 as well. In winds like we see on our spring creek in Chile Del Zorro the 5 will be a perfect rod. In that scenario the MPX Stealth would be perfect. The 5 will also be good in the mountains on the Paloma or in the Valley of the Moon on the Nirehauo. In that situation where bigger casts are needed in the wind the Rio Gold will be perfect. So the 5 has a little more versatility where lines are concerned. The 4 and 6 and more specific rods.

Line Weight Rod Length Handle Pieces
3 9'0" A 4
4 9'0" A 4
5 9'0" A 4
6 9'0" A 4

For more info or to order Clutch rods over the phone call 317-733-3014

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