Clutch Archipelago Fly Rod

The sought after Clutch Archipelago is now available at WCO and the WCO staff is excited about it. The Clutch Archipelago is a fast action fast line speed rod that will deliver a fly accurately and with distance if needed. There is lots of reserve power in this rod and if fast action rods are what you demand you will love the Archipelago from Clutch!


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Clutch Archipelago Fly Rod

Archipelago Rods feature a slim profile designed to slice through extreme coastal winds, and high-modulus blank construction that blends delicacy with power. The result is a rod capable of reaching out to deliver tarpon flies delicately to laid up fish, with the backbone to break the spirit of the largest saltwater bruisers quickly and under demanding conditions. The Saltwater Archipelago Series are four-piece rods featuring REC Recoil Snake guides, light weight Titanium Stripper Guides with SIC inserts, and a light weight natural finish with UV Coating, anodized aluminum reel seat with laser engraved CLUTCH logo, an attractive “tuxedo black” rod tube.

9’ in length and available in eight line sizes, 5wt through 12wt all 4 piece rods

WCO is very excited about adding Clutch to the company. We sell the best fly rods made and there is a very good reason why Clutch should be included in that lineup, because they are some of the best fly rods made. The Archipelago is an example of Lee Janik's philosophy of creating fast action rods that stay connected to the caster. Some fast action rods have no soul the Archipelago has soul. It is not just a stiff rod it has feel throughout the casting stroke. It creates a tremendous amount of line speed, it makes casting larger wind resistant flies much easier. The Archipelago does what it is intended to do, create high line speeds accurately.

Recommended Fly Line

We have cast several different types of lines on the Archipelago. There are some variations in the rods when you go through them. The 6,7 and 8 are outstanding cross over rods that work well in both freshwater and saltwater.  When using them more specifically for bass with wind resistant flies we prefer the Rio Outbound Short. On all of these rods the Outbound Short loads the rods really well when fishing bass bugs and other flies that may collect allot of water. We have not tested them properly in saltwater yet but have cast saltwater lines on them. the Rio Bonefish on the 8 weight is a dream. You of course can apply the same taper to the 6 and 7 and they will be equally good. Another line on these rods that work really well is the Grand Slam line from S/A. The Grand Slam is probably our favorite new fly line for 2016 and think you can't go wrong with this line on the 6,7 or 8.

The odd rod in the Archipelago line is the 9'0" for the 5. It is not the same action as the rod sizes above it. It is a softer rod and we see it as being one of our favorite terrestrial rods going forward. It still creates ample line speeds but it presents a little softer which will come in very handy when fishing terrestrials for Smallmouth in flat water. The 5 also has a full wells grip and a fighting butt. Really excited about this rod for Terrestrials. We prefer the Rio Gold for this rod and even a MPX line from S/A.

The 9 through 12 weights are power house rods best suited exclusively for saltwater fishing. The 9 will be a solid Permit rods and the Rio Permit line is a solid choice, it cast nicely. The 10-12 are rods that take the general purpose lines well and we would recommend the Grand Slam line from S/A.

Grips and Butts

the 5 through 8 has a normal cork full wells grip with a 1'0" fighting butt. The 9 through 12 has a reinforced hard cork upper grip that helps with durability of the grip, which helps when casting big rods with big lines and flies. The 10 through 12 weight rods also have a 1'5" butt.

Line Weight Rod Length Handle Pieces
5 9'0" B 4
6 9'0" B 4
7 9'0" B 4
8 9'0" B 4
9 9'0" C 4
10 9'0" C 4
11 9'0" C 4
12 9'0" C 4

For more info or to order Clutch rods over the phone call 317-733-3014

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