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Cinco Rios Chile "Unmatched Trout Fishing Diversity"

HOSTED TRIP 2017 - Week One FEBRUARY 3-11 and 2nd week 2017 MARCH 17-25

Cinco Rios in Coyhaique Chile is a WCO fishing operation. Along with our partners Sebastian Galilea and Greg Vincent we are building what we believe is an unmatched trout fishing experience. Cinco Rios Chile possesses private leased fishing on several estancias that are exclusive to Cinco Rios customers. Anglers can anticipate fishing in large rivers, small streams, lakes and lake outlets. Some of the best trout water in the world is our playground. It is a unique situation for WCO to be patners in lodges in Chile, it is our favorite trout fishing destination. Along with our partners we are committed to building the very best trout fishing experience in the world.

You will fish the world famous waters of the Paloma, Simpson, Manihuales and Nirehaou Rivers to name a few. The Nirehaou is one of the finest dry fly fisheries in the world and we have a lease giving us over 20 mile of exclusive access to the main river and its tributary the Norte.

The lakes and outlets from those lakes hold some of the biggest trout in Chile with fish averaging 22 to 24 inches with some larger fish mixed in. It is the best dry fly fishing outside of Kamchatka that we have experienced. The trout in these Andean rivers are so surface oriented you could fish beetles everyday all day, most days. If you get tired of catching trout on the surface you can streamer fish in some of the best streamer cover you will ever see. With the gin clear water you can see a trout move 10 feet to eat a streamer. It is a unique experience.

Cinco Rios Lodge is a new building built in 2007 and has all the amenities of home. We have a terrific chefs named Carlito  and Roberto and you have not had better empinades! There is an extensive wine list which is complimentary and you will enjoy Chilean wines with lunch and dinner if you so choose.

Cinco Rios Lodge

The lodge is a new building built in 2007 and it offers all the amenities of home. The lodge overlooks the Simpson River with a wonderful view of the Andes. All 6 rooms are double occupancy rooms and have two king size beds. Each room has a bathroom and a nice large shower/bath. The lodge has a large deck that overlooks the Simpson River. Each evening after fishing you will be able to eat an hors d'oeuvres or two before dinner. Outside of each room there is a closet for your waders and boots. We also have a large living area in the lodge adjacent to the dining area with a large fireplace. You can have a relaxing time with a beverage talking about the fishing for the day. The lodge is located just outside of town so the opportunity for the non fishing guest to go into town and enjoy shopping and site seeing is very good.


Our chef Carlito has been with us for many years and has cooked at Cinco Rios and our other lodge Estancia Del Zorro. The food is a mixture of Chilean and Argentine food with some other dishes mixed in. The wine selection is extensive with several Chilean wines. The lodge also has a new bar area and an additional deck built onto the bar. The lodge has its own beer called Happy Trout and you can enjoy one after a hard days fishing.


The typical package is a 7 night 6 day stay. You can either fish everyday or take a day or two off of you like to do some site seeing. In November and December we can do shorter or longer stays, in the summer months of January and February that is much more difficult.


November and December $3975.00

January and February $4375.00


March and April $3975.00

The Fishing

At WCO we have fished all over the globe, so we have a pretty good view of things. We got to Cinco Rios because we believe the best dry fly fishing in the world happens in the waters around the lodge. Sure the streamer fishing is great but that is not why you go to Chile. You go to Chile to fish dry flies and there isn't more diverse dry fly fishing anywhere. From the lodge we have many miles of both private access and private waters that are exclusive to the lodge. Many operations will advertise this but at Cinco Rios it is 100% true! We have two different estancias with access to the Nirehaou River and no one else can fish it except anglers at Cinco Rios and our sister lodge Estancia Del Zorro. We also have many other estancias we have exclusive access only customers at Cinco Rios can fish.

We do though make use of many other rivers and lakes in and around Coyhaique. With our central location we can fish the rivers in the heart of the Andes and also the water out on the pampas areas east of Coyhaique. Our guides fish all of the waters connected to the Paloma River system including Azul, Desierto, Elizalda and the outlets from those lakes. We also fish the entire length of the Paloma River system from its origination in Lago Paloma down to its end in Lago Caro. In every lake, outlet and in the main river the dry fly fishing is superb from Mid November through Mid March.

-Spring (Mid October - Mid December)


Fishing in spring is very underrated. The weather can be very pleasant in November and with the sun starting to warm the waters of the Simpson, Manihuales, Aysen and Paloma rivers systems mayfly, caddis and stonefly hatches begin to take place and some of them are prolific. The dry fly fly fishing can be outstanding at times, especially on the Simpson and Manihuales. The Paloma is glacier water and it takes a little longer for it to warm up, so mostly it is streamer fishing on the Paloma during November. December though gets things rolling in the Andes and anytime from December through the summer and into the fall you can anticipate very good dry fly fishing. As spring moves on into December it can begin to get hot and the dry fly fishing gets better by the day. There are now beetles showing up as well as your traditional hatches, this is an outstanding time to be fishing in the Andes.

-Summer (Mid December - Mid March)




Summer means beetles and hoppers and nowhere else are beetles more important to trout than in southern Chile. It hardly matters which watershed beetles dominate the scene and you can fish a whole week and never fish anything else. Since most of the fishing from Cinco Rios is in and around the Andean rainforests around Coyhaique beetles will be the ticket. When fishing in the pampas area like the Rio Nirehaou you will predominantly use hopper patterns. the Nirehaou is an outstanding dry fly fishery and we have 15 miles that is exclusive to Cinco Rios and Estancia Del Zorro customers, so you will definitely get a day on the Nirehaou, its a treat!

Rivers like the Simpson and Manihuales fish like western trout rivers and while beetles can be very effective there are prolific hatches of mayflies, caddis and stoneflies on these rivers and large Rainbows will hold up in the corners sipping mayflies in the slop. Sort of like the Missouri river but the fish are a little dumber, okay allot dumber. There is an opportunity to nymph if you really want to but to be clear we do it only in the toughest situations, which is not often. We generally discourage it because there is little need to do it. Anglers come to Chile because it is the best dry fly fishing on the planet and we strive to give you that experience, it is what we are about. You can of course streamer fish these rivers and you can have prolific days stripping Wildcat Streamers and Sculpin patterns. If southern Chile has the best dry fly fishing in the world it might also have some of the best streamer fishing as well. You will see fish come from a very long way away to eat a streamer, it can be fast and intense. We love Chile because it allows the angler to see the strike, either with a dry fly or a streamer. You will see almost every fish chase and eat the streamer, there are more fish that eat when they chase the fly than you will see in the states. In the states you will see a much higher percentage of fish who chase the fly that will end up not eating it. The streamer fishing in Chile is a microcosm of the fishing in general, less pressured fish that are willing to eat more often than not.

-Fall (Mid March - April)


This is the most underrated time to fish at Cinco Rios. There is allot going on and a number of different species can be fished for. Between the trout fishing, which is still in full swing and the anadromous fish that begin to ascend the Aysen, Blanco, Simpson and Manihuales the fishing can get crazy good for any number of fish. Browns and Rainbows will still have days that they eat beetles well but the streamer fishing gets intense as the Browns begin to think about spawning and the Rainbows start eating for winter. The other thing that happens is that we see a strong run of Silver Salmon begin to show up in late March. Late March fishing for Silvers can be excellent and it is a terrific time for someone who like fishing with Spey and Switch rods to swing flies. Another species showing up in fishable numbers are Atlantic Salmon. We are seeing more and more large Atlantic Salmon showing up every year and it is now a targeted species with two handed rods now firmly coming into play. We even host a special week each year to do this very thing, swing streamers for large fish in big water. As we get into April it can be cold with highs in the 40's and 50's but it is consistent and the fishing is outstanding. Think pleasant Steelhead weather and that is the best description. At Cinco Rios we usually only guide into early April but we have some fishing south for very large lake run Browns that will go on all the way through April. Look for more info on that trip soon.


Chile Stuff - Things WCO Recommends

Okay everyone it is about that time to begin the planning of gear and other stuff you will need for our Chile trip. Trust me when I say planning ahead where this trip is concerned is a good idea. It isn’t very complex but it is a big trip and being prepared now and leading up to the trip makes the trip much more enjoyable.

Fishing – We will mostly be wading small water, very intimate and very private. We also will be fishing some other rivers and lakes that require rafts or drift boats. Mostly though we are targeting large fish in smaller water. You will of course get plenty of time fishing the world famous Del Zorro spring creek which is completely private and wholly owned by the Galilea family our partners in the lodge.



We fly into Balmaceda Chile as the final destination. The lodge picks us up in Balmaceda and we have about a 40 minute drive to Coyhaique. Flights are overnight from the gateway city to Santiago where we enter the country. I recommend a scrip of Ambien or whatever sleeping aid you prefer. It is rare to have jetlag on this flight, it is only 2 ours east of Eastern Standard Time. The time zone if East Pacific time. I know wrap your mind around that one. Anyway it is 2 ours east of us on the Pacific coast of Chile.


When fishing in southern Chile it is important to remember that you are pretty far south and the weather can change pretty quickly. Temps can range anywhere from 65 degrees to as high as 95, there is a wide variance in possible weather. Most of the time it is 75 to 80 and very nice during the summer months. It is important though to plan ahead with your clothing options for anything from rain to sunny skies.

*Jacket – Make sure you have a rain jacket that is breathable. You can get warm while walking but keeping the rain and wind off is important.

*Insulation – I make sure I take 3 pairs of top and bottom Capilene or your preferred brand, for 6 days fishing. There is a laundry service so no need to over pack. 3 tops and 3 bottoms in a lightweight Capilene is perfect for the trip. I also always take a Nano Puff jacket or pullover as an insulation piece or an outer layer. You may not need it but you for sure will if you don’t have it! A good fleece jacket or pullover also works. Socks are crucial and make sure you have plenty of nice wool socks for wading and wearing around.

*Hats and Gloves – Bring them you will not necessarily use them but good to have them. 1 pair of fleece gloves and one beanie is a good idea as an insurance policy.

*Fishing Shirts – I always have my sun protective clothing with me on this trip. Even though it can get chilly most of the time it is sunny and the sun can be pretty harsh believe it or not.


Waders are crucial and if you have a pair of waders that are on their last legs please make sure you update them for this trip. Waders are the thing you will be in more than anything else on the trip, make sure they are LEAK FREE!


We like boots with either felt or Sticky soles w/spikes of some kind. We like a removable type spike or sole that allows you to have different types of footing for different areas you may walk in. Most of the walking is pretty tame but if you are up for going to some places that are a little rockier it is a good idea to have some extra peace of mind in regards to footing.


It is important to have the right rods and reels for the trip. Fast action rods are crucial because of wind and the larger flies we will be using. Most of the wind is fairly mild but it can get a little gusty on some of the larger rivers at times. No different though than what most of you have faced out west. The flies though for surface fishing and streamer fishing are all larger. I usually take a combination of 6 and 7 weight rods and even an 8 weight. I rarely use the 8 but it is nice to have just in case. Most of your fishing will be with 6 and 7 weights.


Nothing special here just a good working drag and something you know you can depend on. You aren’t close to a fly shop so make sure you reels are in good working order. I will have extras but with a full group going it is important that your gear is in really good working order.


This is the most important thing besides rods. Make sure you have a good floating line that can roll over larger foam bugs and weighted streamers. I prefer the Rio Outbound floating lines for the larger foam beetles and hoppers. I always make sure I have a sinking line with me as well. I prefer the 200 grain streamer line from Rio in a 24ft head. These two lines will make your fishing so much easier. Trust me on this one!


We will have a complete selection of flies for the trip including a package that includes 3 dozen flies including streamers and foam flies I prefer for the trip. You can purchase that directly from us. Some of the other flies you may have and you are welcome to bring them. Do not rely on the guides having them. They do a good job of having basic flies just don’t fly all that way and not be prepared. Flies are a small investment in the grand scheme of this trip. If you have flies bring them. We use larger foam flies like Chernobyl Ants and Fat Albert’s, you can also bring your favorite trout streamers they will work in Chile. No need to bring nymphs you just don’t need to do it. We will do a fair amount of streamer fishing even on the spring creeks so make sure you have wooly buggers and other basic streamers.

Leaders and Tippet

We use 1x and 2 x mostly and even take heavier tippet up to 30 pounds believe it or not. These fish aren’t leader shy and some of the fish in the lakes are HUGE. Do not bring trout tippet in 4x and 5x, it is a waste of time. 9ft 2x 10lb is what I use on the river a lot with foam flies. Heavy fluorocarbon in 15 to 12 lb. works great for streamer fishing.

Phone Service

I would recommend getting a foreign plan for the trip. Call your provider when the time comes and you can pro-rate an overseas plan. I always make sure I have texting and email while I am there on my phone. There is Wi-Fi at the lodge but it can come and go. There is also a phone you can call home on if you need to. There is wifi at the Estancia as well.


No need to exchange money, the Chileans love dollars. You can use dollars for the guides for tips. Also you can use your credit card or debit card anywhere in town if you need to, I have done it many times.

Tips for Guides

I generally tip guides everywhere $50.00 per day per person. So 6 days fishing $300.00 for tips. I sometimes tip more depending on the guide and sometimes tip less if things didn’t go well. For the most part that rarely happens so I stick with the $50.00 per day tip. If the guide does something special or you catch a fish of a life time then tip how you feel lead.


A valid passport is required for entry into Chile. A visa is not required ahead of time so no need to worry about sending you passport away. You will receive your visa when entering the country. There is no longer a reciprocity fee required for entry to Chile, this was changed in 2015.

Alcohol and Food

There are no bar tabs kept at the lodge all alcohol including wine is included, no bar tab on the way out. We do ask for folks to drink responsibly, remember there are other folks at the lodge. Also if there are any food allergies or special food needs please let us know ahead of time.


If you need anymore info or have other questions let us know we would be happy to give you more info. Not only is WCO owners of Cinco Rios and Estancia Del Zorro, along with our partners, we were customers before. We know the fishing operation backwards and forwards and you won;t get better info on this region than you will from us and of course our guides and partners. Give us a shout at 317-733-3014 or email us at

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