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Bolton Lake Lodge - Northern Manitoba

"One of the most unknown Big Brook Trout Fisheries Anywhere"

When WCO went to Bolton Lake the first time it was because one of our customers, who was primarily a conventional angler, told of us about all the Giant Brook Trout he had caught on the God's River north of Bolton Lake. So we had to find out for ourselves and we did, there are giant Brookies in God's River that rival anything you will see anywhere including Labrador. There were lots of them and they averaged 3 to 6 pounds with a few going bigger than that, up to 8 pounds. That wasn't all though, as it turns out Bolton Lake was just as interesting to fly anglers. Bolton is primarily a conventional tackle lodge but they are well aware of the terrific fly fihsing opportunties they have and do a good job of putting the fly angler in the right place. The fishing is as interesting as any we have ever done to be frank. To catch large Walleye up to 30 inches on a fly rod in shallow water is a unique experience. We have even caught big Walleye there on the surface, If you know anything about Walleye you know how weird that is. So before we get to far into the fishing lets get down to business.

The Fishing

The fishing is why you take the time and effort to go to any way our there Canadian Lodge. The idea of any fishing trip it to get away and find the very best fihsing you can. In the case of any fly-in Canada Lodge that is the idea. Bolton Lake takes a little effort to get to and God's River even more effort but it is well worth the effort. The Brook Trout fly-out trips to God's River are fantastic. You will mostly swing Wooly Buggers and other streamers but the Brookies will also eat dry flies and particularly Mice flies. These fish do not get fished to much and are pretty stupid and there are lots of them. The Brook Trout fly-out trips are an extra add on to the trip but if you go you absoutely must go at least one day to God's River.

The Pike fishing escpecially in late May and early June is out of this world fantastic. There are numerous fish in the 40 inch plus range and lots and lots of fish in the 30's. They are shallow during this time and can be caught on the surface and with floating lines. As the season goes on they do move out fo the bays but never really go very deep. We have been there in July and fished for big Pike on top of submerged weed beds with intermediate clear tip lines and streamers and had a blast catching big Pike out of the weeds. Bolton Lake is a very reliable Pike fishery. There are also some Pike up on God's River as well.

The Walleye fishing was something that we did not intend to spend much time doing intially but it is so good with a fly rod we always spend some time fishing for them. After all you need fish for that great shorelunch. The Walleye can be caight with a floating line most of the time. They stay in that 3 to 10 foot range almost all year long. We have had the pleasure of being at Bolton during the time period the Walleye are near the surface eating bugs and small minnows. For a few weeks the Walleye in Bolton act more like Bass than Walleye and we have even caught them on poppers and divers. By the way we aren't talking about 2 pound Walleye here, we have caught some truly enourmous Walleye in the 28 to 30 inch range, the average fish during this time is 22 to 25 inches.

There are also large Lake Trout early in the season that can fished to with sink tips and even floating lines. Going early can be benefitual for the

fly angler who wants to catch everything with floating lines.

The Lodge

The lodge and cabins are basic and somewhat rustic but clean and close to the main lodge. Our lodge is where everyone meets before setting out on their fishing expedition. The lodge also serves guests as a place of dining and relaxation.After an active day of fishing, guests enjoy coming back to the lodge where a fully prepared supper awaits them. Our chef freshly prepares a daily menu that includes soup, salad, main course, and dessert. When supper is finished, relax in our fully licensed lounge. Put your feet up and reminisce about your day with the other guests. Often you’ll find good company to share your fishing stories with and perhaps even meet some new friends. Cabins at Bolton Lake are comfortable and modern. Each cabin is fully equipped with an ensuite bathroom as well as many of the amenities you would find at home.

With 8 guest cabins available, there’s enough room everyone! We have one 6-person cabin, four 4-person cabins, and three 2-person cabins. Book any combination to a maximum of 26 guests.

Cabins at Bolton Lake are comfortable and modern. Each cabin is fully equipped with an ensuite bathroom as well as many of the amenities you would find at home.

With 8 guest cabins available, there’s enough room everyone! We have one 6-person cabin, four 4-person cabins, and three 2-person cabins. Book any combination to a maximum of 26 guests.


  • 110 volt electricity
  • Propane heat
  • Comfortable beds
  • Private bathroom
  • Heat & electricity
  • Carpet Floors
  • Bar-fridge
  • Deck over-looking the lake
  • Coffee delivered to your cabin
  • Home cooked breakfasts and dinners

  • Bolton Lake is approximately 12 miles wide and 17 miles tall.  We have an abundance of Northern Pike, Walleye and Lake Trout that can all be caught in trophy size. Bolton Lake Lodge accommodates up to 26 guests at one time, which means no more than 13 boats on the lake at one time. With almost 200 square miles of lake, you will likely feel that you have it all to yourself. We also offer one-day fly-outs to nearby lakes for Pike, Walleye and/or Brook Trout fishing. There’s always somewhere to go if you can handle the adventure!

    Trip Info

    How to Get There

    We charter Keystone Air for the direct flight from Winnipeg to Bolton Lake, you will need to come in the day before into Winnipeg and spend the night.  The charter flies directly to Bolton Lake Lodge and lands on our own private 3000 foot gravel runway.  We have a turn around area mid field with plenty of space for aircraft parking so guests with their own planes are welcome to fly up on their own. The Chartered plane departs Winnipeg at 6:30 a.m. from the Winnipeg Airport. We pick you up at your hotel for this flight. The flight is roughly 90 minutes, and coffee and drinks are served on the flight.  The departure from Bolton Lake is normally at about 9:30 a.m. which then arrives back in Winnipeg at about 11:00 a.m. Please do not make any flight arrangements departing Winnipeg before 1:00 p.m. in case of weather delays.


    3-day $2299 U.S.
    4-day $2599 U.S.
    5-day $2899 U.S.
    6-day $3099 U.S.
    7-day $3299 U.S.
    *Group discounts available

    American Packages Include:

  • Winnipeg to Bolton return airfare on a privately chartered airplane.

  • Accommodations in a private cabin for every group with full bathroom facilities, private bedrooms and a deck overlooking the lake.
  • An Experienced Guide every day for every 2 anglers who will cook a daily shore lunch extravaganza, and take you to the best fishing available.
  • Gourmet meals prepared by our chef and served in our licensed dining room
  • Daily Maid Service
  • *All prices are per person. Taxes, fishing licenses and gratuities are not included.

    Recommended Clothing and Accessories:

  • Good Quality Rain Suit
  • Hooded sweat shirt
  • Long underwear (For May, early June or September)
  • Long-sleeve shirts
  • Shorts and T-Shirts
  • Waterproof boots and warm socks
  • Gloves
  • Sunscreen & Baseball Cap
  • Flash light w/extra batteries
  • Small first aid kit to take in boat
  • Polarized Sun Glasses
  • Camera and Film
  • And any other personal items you believe will add to your trip.

    If you need anymore info contact Marc   Or call 317-733-3014

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