Bass Tippets

Bass Tippets

WCO has its roots in Smallmouth fishing, it is forst and foremost what we do. Finally there is a tippet that matches our water just right with just the right stiffness for bass bugs and streamers. We would recommend this for streamer fishing for other species as well.


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RIO Bass Tippet

We are fans of fishing longer leaders for Smallmouth especially we the season wears on. Fish get a little spookier, especially the big fish, and lenghtning your leaders out to 12 feet can make all the difference. Well good luck trying to find a bass leader that long. Now we can use our favorite bass leaders we use in spring and early summer and make them the appropriate length.

WCO carries all the sizes - 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 16lb




RIO’s Bass Tippet is a medium stiff tippet material with great abrasion resistance. It is ideal for casting bigger flies like Clouser minnows and poppers, and tough enough to withstand being scraped over rocks and submerged trees.




If you have any questions about Rio Products call 317-733-3014

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