Adhesive Holographic Eyes

Adhesive Holographic Eyes

The Adhesive Holographic Eyes from Hareline create a really cool look to any minnow pattern. They have a translucent look and give a little light to your fly.


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Adhesive Holographic Eyes

The staff at WCO goes through a bunch of stock on eyes. We also wonder aloud if it matters if we put on eyes on our flies, if it makes a our streamer and poppers more effective. We generally believe it does, or at least if can't hurt. Attention to detail, we think, ultimately makes you a better angler. If you care if your fly has the right size and color of fly you will surely care about the terminal stuff and how your tackle is put together.

Probably the biggest issue is who do I get my flies to stick to the streamer. We use two different techniques. The easiest and cheapest way is to use Zap Gel. It is easy and does a great job of getting the eye stuck to the fly, it is also pretty durable. It is important to use a glue that is thicker to hold any eye on. Simply using head cement or Zap-A-Gap simply won't do. Maybe it is good enough to get the fly into your box but after that it is destined to fall off in your box or shorty there after in the river.

The second techique is to use an epoxy. All of the staff at WCO uses Clear Goo both for fly eyes but also for all of our head cement needs where bigger flies are concerned. You can check out the Clear Goo Thin Kit here at this link.

If you have any fly tying questions call WCO at 317-733-3014

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