2018 NuCanoe Frontier 10 Build It Yourself

The NuCanoe Frontier 10 gives anglers who can't handle the weight of a Frontier 12 a chance to get a kayak with the same attributes as the 12 in a smaller package. The Frontier 10 is not a big water kayak but a small water kayak for small streams and ponds. It does a great job in those situations.

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2016 NuCanoe Frontier 10 - Build It Yourself

The NuCanoe Frontier 10 fits the need for individuals looking for all the great features of the Frontier 12 in a smaller package. It can be fished from standing up with a stand up paddle or fished from setting down from one of the raised swivel seats. The Frontier is by far the most versatile small fishing craft on the market today.

Multi-Height Pinnacle Seat:

The Pursuit's Multi-Height Pinnacle Seat sets a new standard for fishing kayaks. Modeled after high-end ergonomic seats, it provides ideal lumbar support for maximium comfort without impeding the natural range of motion for paddling and fishing. Utilizing cutting-edge advanced fabric that provides natural stretch, the seat is so breathable you can literally see through the fabric. Last but not least, the multi-height adjustability provides 5"e; travel from low to high and adjusts on the fly. Its simplicity - and comfort - are unmatched

Bass Angler Package:
1. Fishing Crate Pack
2. (2) Zooka Tube w/screwball
3. Rope and Anchor Kit
4. Aluminum Paddle

Stand Up Angler Package:
1. Casting Bar
2. (2) Zooka tube w/screwball
3. Anchor Trolley
4. 260-280 Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle

Specs: Frontier 10

Length: 10'
Beam (Width): 39
Height: 12-17
Draft: 3-5
Hull Weight: 62 lbs
Seating Capacity: 1-2 ppl
Max Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
Self-Bailing Capacity: 350 lbs
Maximum Auxiliary Power: 2.5 HP or equivalent
Seating: (1) 360 Pinnacle Seat
Seat Base: Rigid 360 Base Low

If you have any questions or would like to order over the phone please call 317-733-3014

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