2018 Jackson Kilroy

The Jackson Kilroy is the number one crossover boat we sell at WCO. By crossover we mean cross over from sit-inside kayak to sit-on-top kayak. It blends the two concepts together wonderfully. There is not another fishing kayak like it on the market today. If you like fishing in lots of different weather and water the Jackson Kilroy should be on the top of your list.

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Our price: $1499.00


2017 Jackson Kilroy - New Colors for 2017

Sweet! Is the first word that popped into our minds. The Jackson Kilroy is the first and only boat that is a straightforward sit inside fishing kayak that we have ever been wowed by. Sure there are others that are functional but none of them in our opinion are even close to as well thought out as the Jackson Kilroy Fishing Kayak.
If your criteria for a sit inside fishing kayak are maximum storage for gear, rod holders, (inside rod holders for crying out loud) and the ability to stand up when needed you should look no further than the Jackson Kilroy. The walk through video that we have here does a better job than any of us could in explaining how feature rich the Jackson Kilroy is. Take a look and then either call us or click one through to your home! WE ARE IN LOVE WITH THIS BOAT!!!

Recommended Paddle

We have fished and hunted out fo the Kilroy and really like its versatility. It is kayak that requires the right paddle and much like the other Jackson kayaks we think we have it down as far as paddle length is concerned. For most folks the 250cm seems to be right. The Kilroy has high sides but has the same high/low seating system. It is best paddled with a little longer paddle bseasue of these factors. Though if you are on the shorter side we recommend making the adjustment to a 240cm because of the higher sides to the kayak. The 250cm will fit a majority of folks with the Kilroy. Check out the paddles at this link http://wcofishing.com/Kayak-Fishing-Paddles/

*NEW For 2016* Charcoal Grey Seat Cover - Ergonomic Handles - Two-Layer Standing Pad - Fish Grips - Line Cutterz - SealLine Seat Pouch

  • Length12' 4
  • Width31
  • # of Foam Bulkheads1; Stern
  • # of Seats1
  • Deck RiggingYes; Bow
  • Footrest TypeAdjustable Ergonomic Peg
  • Height13
  • Hi/Lo SeatingYes
  • Hull Model2013
  • MaterialLinear Poly
  • Model Year2016
  • MSRP (US $)$1449
  • Rear HatchYes; Round, 9.375
  • Rudder ReadyNo
  • Rudder TypeNA
  • Seat TypeElite Seat 2.0
  • Total Capacity375
  • Total Weight66 (72 w/ seat)

If you have any questions or would like to order over the phone please call 317-733-3014

How does WCO Shipping work?

All Kayaks ship exclusively with RL Carriers, they ship hundreds of kayaks a year for WCO.

  • Upon processing you will receive an confirmation
  • After your kayaks ships, usually within 24 to 48 hours you will receive a tracking or PRO #
  • You will receive a call 24 hours in advance from RL Carriers to schedule delivery of you shipment to your home
  • Inspect for damage and if there is any damage please reject the shipment. WCO will then ship another kayak in 24 hours. No charge for shipping!

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Joe Gaspar
Feb 27, 2017
I bought a 2016 kilroy this past christmas and finally got a chance to try it out. If you guys are looking to have a fishing machine kayak wise, do yourself a favor and get a kilroy. I am in no way affiliated w/ jackson, just a pumped up customer. I fish both fresh & saltwater. Haven't tried it in salt, but tried it in fresh this past Sunday. (finally a nice day here in New England) Standing on it took very little effort to get use to. I was able to fly fish w/ no problems. My only little gripe was that i forgot my stripping basket and even though I really didn't need it and was able to fish, it just felt like i was missing it. I brought my spinning rod as well and definitely had no issues. Tons of room to set it up the way you need to. Going kayak camping this summer (2017), and I know it will surpass my expectations. I modified one thing and that was the "glove box". I took a tupper ware base and filed it down to slide in & out. my hand wouldn't fit inside the glove box. If you do get one, you will not be disappointed.

Advantages: standing to fly fish, storage, paddles easily, also, alot of people say not to bring a sit in kayak out in saltwater, this thing is probably more stable than some of the sit on tops. plus i'm not going out when it's three foot chop either. just use some common sense. and w/ all sit in's, get a pump.

Disadvantages: probably the weight. it states that it weighs in @ 72 lbs. w/ the seat. though it's do-able. i can't see portaging long distances w/o some kind of dolly setup. taking it of my truck and walking 40-60 yrds is okay. maybe even longer due to grabbing the lip and your shoulder is inside the kayak. w/ a sit on top, it's like carrying a large heavy suitcase.
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