2018 Jackson Cuda LT Realtree Hardwoods HD

The Cuda LT is the lighter thermoformed version of the popular Cuda 12. If the 85 pound Cuda 12 is to much then the Cuda LT will fit the bill! The new Realtree Hardwoods version is a really cool alternative to the solid color Cuda LT.

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2017 Jackson Cuda LT Realtree Hardwoods HD

 What if Jackson Kayak’s top selling fishing kayak was able to get even better? What if the one attribute of any kayak (weight) that people always want improved upon could be improved upon? What if we added Realtree® camo and a few more bells and whistles!? Well, the Cuda LT Realtree Hardwoods HD® may not be equivalent to “sending a man to the moon” but it’s an impressive achievement none the less; it’s virtually a lighter-weight carbon copy of the Cuda 12 thanks to “thermoforming” technology. The LT version is also sleeker aesthetically and due to the lighter weight is slightly higher performing and a little more stable than the original Cuda 12. This new version maintains the deck features that everyone loves from the Cuda 12 - central hinging hatch, rod for various rod and tackle storage options and adds a couple new features to help the angler out, including new Yakattack tracks for and aft!

Recommended Paddle

We have used the Cuda 12 since its creation. We have also had allot of feedback from Cuda 12 owners over the years. We have also seen the paddle purchased for this kayak get longer over the last couple of years. It took a couple of years for folks to trust longer paddles but once they had a 240cm in their hands they quickly gave up any though of a shorter paddle. the Cuda 12 is sort of in between though for shorter folks. We recommend anyone over the height of about 5'10" get the 240cm and anyone under get the 230cm, although the 240cm would not seem overly long for someone under that height. http://wcofishing.com/Kayak-Fishing-Paddles/

  • Length12'11
  • Width32
  • Day HatchHinged Center Hatch w/ Tub; 5.75
  • Deck RiggingYes, Stern
  • Footrest TypePeg; Overmolded
  • Front HatchYes; Round, 9.375
  • Height13
  • Hull ModelCuda LT
  • MaterialABS
  • Model Year2015
  • MSRP (US $)$1,899.00
  • Rear HatchYes, Round 9.375
  • Rudder ReadyNo
  • Seat TypeElite Seat 2.0
  • Total Capacity350

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